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We Are  Appmobility

Our comprehensive loyalty marketing and customer analytics solution for Retail
businesses will help you succeed in an ever-changing marketplace

Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty marketing suite helps identify and rate your high-value customers on various retail parameters and run targeted promotions

Customer Analytics

Helps predict customer behavior and tailor promotions accordingly

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with your legacy systems and services

Multi-channel Connect

E-mail, Mobile App, Website, Social –name the channel and our solution can use it to connect with customers

Problems we solve

  • How can I increase my Market Basket?

  • How can I know what my customers will buy before they do?

  • What promotions are driving sales?

  • How can I understand my customers on a personal level?

  • How can I capture customer and social media data into customer insight?

Sound familiar? If your are stuck on even one of these in your business, our solution is for you.

The Appmobility Advantage

4 Reasons why you should choose our solution

Bespoke Implementation

Provides a system built for your
specific business needs

Easy Integration

With your already existing CRM and current customer data for executing loyalty programs and campaigns


Flexible product packages and competitive pricing let you stay within your budget and gain savings of at least 25% over competitors

Easy-to-use UI

Lets non-technical marketers/sales people be in
control of marketing programs


Leverage the multiple capabilities of our solution to gain competitive
advantage and higher market share for your business

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