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01. Our current CRM handles Contact management and Campaigns. So, why do we need Appmobility’s marketing solution ?Answer was helpful

Our solution’s customer analytics engine sets it apart from an ordinary CRM system. With our solution, you can not only Build and Manage customer data, but also Analyze it to derive actionable customer insights. Once you have gained customer insights, you can run, track and measure highly targeted marketing campaigns through multiple channels, all from our single platform.

02. We are running a loyalty program in our retail stores, but are not using the data generated from it. How can Appmobility help ?Answer was helpful

Appmbility can help by integrating our solution with your current loyalty program, so you can generate meaningful customer insights and run targeted marketing campaigns, all from a single platform.

03. We do not have a loyalty program in our retail stores. We are looking for an end-to-end solution. Can Appmobility help ?Answer was helpful

Yes, we can. Although we specialize only in developing marketing software in-house, we work with trusted vendors to provide POS infrastructure that you will need to set up a fully functional loyalty program including membership cards, POS card scanners, POS software etc.

04. Appmobility’s marketing solution might work for us. But, we have an existing CRM and Marketing Automation software. Can we still use these after we install Appmobility’s Suite?Answer was helpful

Yes, you can. We offer seamless integration with all your legacy systems, so you can continue using your existing systems alongside our solution.

05. Is it a cloud-based or on-premise system ?Answer was helpful

Our solution can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud depending on your business requirement. Our consultants can help you decide the most suitable option for your business.

06. What does implementation involve ? How long will it take ?Answer was helpful

Implementation usually takes between 9-15 weeks depending on the complexity of the business processes and integration requirements with legacy systems. It involves Requirement Analysis, Proposal, Delivery, Training and Client hand-off.

07. Will I automatically get new product updates?Answer was helpful

Yes, your solution will be automatically updated to the new version when we release one. You can opt for a lifetime of free updates or pay for updates as you go along.

08. How does the pricing work ?Answer was helpful

Our pricing is very competitive and you can get a customized solution up and running for your retail business for as little as Rs.6/customer/year!

Please ask for a free demo to learn more on pricing.

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